Sudbury Commons, Suffolk

NAME OF COMMONS: Sudbury Common Lands (North Meadow Common, Kings Marsh, Freeman’s Great Common & Freeman’s Little Common, Little Fullingpit Meadow)

PARISH: Sudbury

COUNTY: Suffolk

CL NUMBERS & ACREAGES: North Meadow Common (CL 58, 15.9ha/39.29a); Kings Marsh (CL 61, 7.4ha/18.29a); Freeman’s Great Common and Freeman’s Little Common (CL 60, 6ha/14.83a); Little Fullingpit Meadow (CL 59, 7ha/17.3a).



The Sudbury Common Lands lie on the banks of the river Stour in the parish of Sudbury, Suffolk, and comprise lowland marshes and meadows. They have been managed by the Sudbury Common Lands Charity (SCLC) since 1897, and the commons benefit from a continuous run of records from 1897 to the present: the summary history provided below notes that ‘a clear and meticulous record of the history of land management exists for the 20th century’.  Today the commons have Local Nature Reserve and County Wildlife Site designations and are valued for their wild species and habitats.  The land is actively managed for conservation, with summer grazing by cattle, maintenance of features such as ponds and ditches, and employment of a Ranger. SCLC has a website which includes detailed environmental and historical information, images and maps (visit Sudbury Common Lands Charity).



The following summary was produced by Adrian Walters, Ranger, SCLC: Sudbury Common Lands (opens as PDF). For further information, please visit the SCLC website.



Sudbury Common Lands Charity



ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: We are grateful to Adrian Walters of SCLC for submitting the above summary history to the Building Commons Knowledge Project.