Archived LandNote

LandNote provides interactive online maps for each of our case study areasĀ in Eskdale (Cumbria), Ingleton (N. Yorks.), Elan and Claerwen Valleys (Powys) and Brancaster and Thornham (Norfolk). It was created as part of the Contested Common Land Project. Each case study site includes common, manor, and area designation (e.g. SSSI) boundaries; commentaries on historic rights, ownership, and management; and information on contemporary environmental governance. Each case study area also has key themes, such as the ‘Farms and Flocks’ and ‘Eskdale Twenty-Four Book’ pages for Eskdale, or the ‘Landscape Legacy’ pages for Ingleborough and Scales Moor.

LandNote uses Google Earth as its base map: the site is designed to perform using the Google Earth 3-D Plug-In, and it performs best if viewed through the Mozilla Firefox browser. The existing Google Earth maps will provide a simpler display if you are unable to download the 3-D Plug-In version of Google Earth. However, certain functions might be limited if you are using Internet Explorer as your browser.

LANDNOTE no longer available since the conclusion of the Contested Common Land Project in 2010.