History Questionnaire

This questionnaire is offered as a framework for organising and reporting your historical findings.  You may wish to use it to record your own personal recollections, or those of others, or to summarise those of a wider community.  Please feel free to download/adapt the form and to expand those sections which are especially relevant to your common (please create as much additional space as you need after each question).  Not all the questions may be relevant, but even a few basic answers to those which are will be a useful record for your common.

Download questionnaire (Word Document): COMMONS STORIES QUESTIONNAIRE (21.1.13)

We welcome submissions of completed questionnaires so that we can make their content available online, either in their entirety or as a summary, alongside others from across England and Wales.  This will help us increase public understanding of common land, and help preserve local history and a distinctive ‘common’ culture for the future.  If you wish to submit a completed questionnaire to the Building Commons Knowledge Project, please send to the address given on the form, in conjunction with a completed Cover Sheet (please see the Toolkit pages for full details of submissions). Thank you.


Peat hut, Eskdale, Cumbria
Peat hut, Eskdale Common, Cumbria (photo, E.A. Straughton)