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This case study area comprises upland common lands in the vicinity of Ingleton, in the Yorkshire Dales National Park. The case study area contains several SSSI designations, and exhibits a range of important landscape types, including protected limestone pavements and peat moorland. The most prominent common land unit in the study area is Ingleborough, an upland common some 723 metres in height, and well-known as one of the ‘Three Peaks’ of the Dales. Our research will be focussed on Ingleborough (CL Units 134 and 208) and Scales Moor (CL Unit 272). Where relevant, reference will also be made to the numerous other registered commons in the vicinity. These include Blea Moor (CL 194, 437ha), Cam End (CL 103, 689.2ha), Carrs (CL 102, 150.39ha), Littledale (CL 473, 612ha), Newby Moor (CL 137, 298.83ha), Storrs Common (CL to be confirmed), and Winterscales Pasture (CL 368, 266.76ha). Many of the common grazings of the area are ‘stinted’ (pasture rights limited by a specific number or quota) and thereby present a different property rights regime from certain of our other case study areas.

Background Information

Common land registration numbers: 134 (Ingleborough Common) and 208 (Clapham Bents, Newby Moss, Simon Fell, etc.)
Hectares (approximate): 760 and 741.82 respectively

Scales Moor
Common land registration number: 272
Hectares (approximate): 413.74

Landscape type: upland
Statutory designations: SSSIs, Yorkshire Dales National Park
Common rights: pasture, turbary (peat and turves), estovers
Stocking traditions: stinting

Ingleton case study area


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Briefing Papers

The following documents present the historical material gathered so far on commons in this case study area. The ‘Ingleton Historical Briefing Paper’ gives the general historical context; ‘Ingleton Commons’ is a supplementary paper presenting data specific to each piece of common land; the Case Study Map outlines manorial boundaries and common land in the Ingleton area. The papers will be revised and expanded as the project develops:

The following papers comprise reports on qualitative research conducted in the case study area, looking at environmental governance, property rights and land management issues. The research process included stakeholder interviews, focus groups, analysis of common land registers and literature reviews:

Local Links: New Publication on Ingleborough, January 2009

A new book on the landscape history of Ingleborough appears this month, by local author David Johnson. ‘Ingleborough: Landscape and History’ is described as ‘the biography of a mountain’, covering geology, geomorphology, archaeology and history. The book is published by Carnegie in association with the Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust. Foreword by Tony Robinson. ISBN: 978-1-85936-188-7. For more information, please visit the publisher’s page: Carnegie Publishing.


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