4.3 Submitting images

You might like to submit some of your images to our online Commons Resource Bank, as freestanding items of interest, or perhaps to illustrate your text.  You may simply wish to embed images in your ‘Commons Story’, in which case please include clear labels and acknowledgement of ownership/copyright.  Alternatively, you may wish to send us images separately, in which case, please adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Please send digital images as JPEG files (most digital cameras and computers do this automatically) and post them to us on a CD/DVD with your text).
  • If you wish to send a copy of a historic/hard image, please scan the images and send them digitally as JPEG files, saved to a CD/DVD.
  • Please do not send us your original images or hard copies.  They will be archived online; hence we can only work with digital images, and unfortunately, we cannot guarantee the safe delivery/return of original copies sent in the post
  • Please only send us images that you and/or the owner are happy to see publicly accessible online.  So, please remember to seek the owner’s permission before copying, embedding or sending an image.

With each image, please:

  • provide a caption, clearly labelling it with the name of the common and feature shown (e.g. Second World War Radar Station, Barrow Common) and any additional information you think is helpful
  • tell us who took the image (if known)
  • tell us who owns or keeps the image
  • tell us who should be acknowledged with copyright of the image.


(Text by A.J.L. Winchester and E.A. Straughton)