4.2 Submitting audio or visual material

If you wish to submit raw data collected as oral testimony – as digital audio or video files, and/or as written transcripts – for display in the online Commons Resource Bank, please adhere to the following guidelines:

  • your interviewees must have provided their consent for their testimony to be published online, so any raw audio or video material or transcripts must be accompanied by a signed copy of our Contributor’s consent form for each interviewee (please send this by post)
  • please submit digital audio recordings in a standard digital format (such as a WAV file) and video clips as MPEG files. Transcripts should be sent as Word files if at all possible.  Please send us a copy of your files only, and not the original digital file or transcript. 

We cannot guarantee that all sound/video files submitted will be posted online as there may be issues of sound quality or confidentiality; however, we are aiming to make selected sound and film files available, so if you think you have a good recording/film, and your interviewee is happy for it to go ‘live’, please do let us know.

(Text by A.J.L. Winchester and E.A. Straughton)