1.5 Submitting your findings

Once you have completed your research, we invite you to send us a Commons Story for the online Commons Knowledge Resource Bank.  If you would like to submit some or all of your outputs and findings to the Resource Bank, you will be helping us to increase the sum of knowledge about the common lands of England and Wales and to raise awareness about the heritage and culture of common land.  Your material will be of benefit to a wide range of people.

When you are ready to submit your findings, please follow the guidelines spelt out in Part 4: Submitting Material to the Building Common Knowledge Website.

If you are unable to contribute a Commons Story, or submit other material, you can still get in touch. You may simply wish to tell us that you are already working on an existing common land history project, or that a new project is underway.  Please let us know which commons you are working on and what you hope your outputs will be.  We might be able to put you in touch with similar projects.  You may also like to send us links to your websites, or let us know of publications, community displays etc, where your common land research has featured.

How to contact us:

Please contact us by emailing either Eleanor Straughton at e.straughton@lancaster.ac.uk or Angus Winchester at a.winchester@lancaster.ac.uk.

Please note that we work on this project part time so we may not be able to respond immediately, but you are very welcome to get in touch and we will reply as soon as we can.  If you would like to write to us, our postal address is Department of History, Lancaster University, Lancaster LA1 4YT.  Angus Winchester’s telephone (direct line) is 01524-592559 (but please note that he will only be available by phone on one or two days each week).  Urgent messages may be left for us with the administrative team in the Department of History (tel: 01524-593155).


(Text by A.J.L. Winchester and E.A. Straughton)