Commons Stories Toolkit

A Toolkit for Researching the History of Common Land in England and Wales.

Created in September 2012 by Professor Angus Winchester and Dr Eleanor Straughton of Lancaster University, the ‘Commons Stories Toolkit’ provides community groups and individuals with advice and resources for undertaking research into the history of common land.  The Toolkit is free to download.  You may also like to download our History Questionnaire, which provides a useful framework for recording recollections and organising your findings: Questionnaire.

The Toolkit explains  the project aims, provides background information on the history of common land and explores a range of documentary, oral and visual sources.  It also provides information on how communities can submit historical material and ‘Commons Stories’ for archiving online on this website.  Please note that aspects of the Toolkit may be periodically updated and expanded over the course of the project.

Download whole Toolkit as a PDF document (42 pages):

Toolkit (complete) 5.9.12

View Toolkit chapters online:

Part 1: Commons Stories: Aims and Objectives

Part 2: Common Land: Background

Part 3: Sources for the History of Common Land

Part 4: Submitting Material to the Online Resource Bank

Please note: the text of chapters has been modified slightly and illustrative images have been removed for ease of use online.  For the complete illustrated document, please download PDF.

View the History Questionnaire:

A useful framework for recording recollections and/or organising your findings: Questionnaire.